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The cuisine of our restaurant
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The restaurant of Masseria Campolerose

Typical dishes of the area made with products from the Lucanian and Basilicata area

The Campolerose agritourism has its own production of chickens and rabbits. We invite you to expressly communicate on your arrival that you want to taste them. It is in fact perishable goods quickly, therefore it is appreciated to receive communication.

The discovery of a new place does not only start from the places to visit but also from the flavors of the local tradition. The same Lucanian culinary tradition, enclosed in the exquisite dishes prepared by chef Antonio Tedesco of Masseria Campolerose which will make you embark on a tour of flavors throughout the history of the Pollino National Park.

The dishes offered by Masseria Campolerose are prepared with selected local ingredients, some are produced directly inside the Masseria such as vegetables.
The figure of the farmer and shepherd, jobs that have been very common in the history of the Mercure valley and still are today, have greatly influenced the cuisine.

The basic ingredients are commonly used vegetables and typical vegetables such as the Rotonda Red Aubergine, a D.O.P. product, the I.G.P. Poverello Bean, or dairy products such as Paddraccio (fresh goat cheese), or the vast variety of salamis such as capocollo, sausage, ham and many others.

All these ingredients are skilfully mixed by chef Antonio Tedesco, who manages to create an alchemy that will not be forgotten very easily.

A definitive menu does not exist, as the dishes always increase, thanks to the inventiveness of the chef who creates a new dish every day to add to the farmhouse classics.
The gastronomic journey of the Masseria Campolerose starts with a large variety of appetizers that represent the real highlights of the kitchen, made up of legumes, vegetables, meats, cured meats and cheeses.

Then the first courses, local classics with handmade pasta such as the "Rascatteddre" the "Tappiceddre" or the "Tagghiuline" served with sauces such as wild boar or with porcini mushrooms or the characteristic tagliolini with milk.

The main courses are strictly meat-based, such as the mixed grills that are very reminiscent of the local tradition.

Of course the wines are Lucani, and the farm offers two types, Aglianico del Vulture and Grottino di Roccanova. The restaurant hall, made of exposed stone masonry, can comfortably accommodate up to 50 people, ideal for banquets, dinners, anniversaries.

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Location of Masseria Campolerose and map

Located in Contrada Campolerose, near the source of the Mercure river (Lao)

The Masseria Campolerose farm, existing since 1576, has been equipped since 2005 with a suitable structure to give hospitality and refreshment to those who love the natural and uncontaminated environment of the Pollino National Park.

Located in Contrada Campolerose, near the source of the Mercure river (Lao) with the possibility of a view, at the foot of Mount Vocolio, it offers, thanks to its distance from traffic and the particularly mild climate, a stay of total tranquility and relaxation, as well as proposing a direct participation in agricultural activities carried out on the farm.