Production and direct sale of high quality typical products of the Lucanian and Basilicata area

The products of our farm

Typical products of our territory

The Red Aubergine of Rotonda D.O.P.

The Masseria Campolerose agritourism is an authorized producer of the Rotonda Red Eggplant D.O.P.

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Cream of Red Aubergine D.O.P.

D.O.P. red aubergine cream, 165 gram jar

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Strawberry with personal recipe of the Masseria

50cl bottle

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Pollino hot pepper

Jar 185 grams

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Hot pepper jam

105 gram jar, hot pepper jam, excellent with cheese and ricotta

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Millefiori honey

Millefiori honey produced by Masseria Campolerose of 500 grams

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Jam of 105 grams

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Bee propolis 100% natural organic (natural antibiotic)

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Location of Masseria Campolerose and map

Located in Contrada Campolerose, near the source of the Mercure river (Lao)

The Masseria Campolerose farm, existing since 1576, has been equipped since 2005 with a suitable structure to give hospitality and refreshment to those who love the natural and uncontaminated environment of the Pollino National Park.

Located in Contrada Campolerose, near the source of the Mercure river (Lao) with the possibility of a view, at the foot of Mount Vocolio, it offers, thanks to its distance from traffic and the particularly mild climate, a stay of total tranquility and relaxation, as well as proposing a direct participation in agricultural activities carried out on the farm.